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Discover the solution for perfect crew planning!

The urvent crew tool ends the chaos of emails, Google Forms, and Excel and enables effective resource planning. Unlike other HiOrg applications, it is specially developed for managing events like festivals and city fairs.

It combines personnel planning, catering management, proof verification, and shift planning with user-friendly process support. Real-time updates and status analyses ensure that the crew and organization are always up to date.

Say goodbye to planning stress – with urvent, the festival becomes an unforgettable success. Welcome to the future of festival organization!

Planning with System

The urvent system simplifies crew planning for various festivals and events. Our comprehensive solution optimizes the entire process:

  • Early Support in Planning

    Our system offers you support from the beginning. Plan crew needs and resources efficiently.

  • Transparent Job Postings

    Use open calls for positions. Reach talented helpers and ticket workers who fit perfectly into the team.

  • Effective Applicant Selection

    The applicant review helps you select suitable staff. Transparent and efficient.

  • Smooth Event Execution

    The urvent system accompanies you on-site. Clear overview and real-time updates of all staff.

  • Analytics and Reporting

    Gain comprehensive insights into hours worked and relevant information for future planning.

Easy Accreditation

Interested parties can independently apply for desired roles and available shifts.

Flexibility for Applicants

Interested individuals can independently apply for multiple roles and provide their availability. The process is fully guided with input verification.

Individual Inquiries

Collect exactly and only the information needed for different tasks.


Request valid certificates for different roles as needed, either before or after submission, to optimize the process.


Simultaneous planning of multiple events for perfect time and resource management for any type of aid organization (HiOrg).

Crew Needs Planning

Maintain different shifts considering crew needs and qualifications.

Seamless Check-in / Check-out

Record helpers easily on-site by scanning a barcode or NFC tag. Simple check-in and check-out via app or browser.

Inventory Management

Submitting vehicles and inventory is facilitated through the application.

Full Transparency

Keep track of the current status and adjust it as needed.


Full support for the event


Allow the crew to register independently for events and increase the efficiency of this process.

Resource planning

Optimize crew distribution with up-to-date assignment of shifts for smooth events.


Keep the crew informed – both through email notifications and public announcements to create a broad information base.

Check-in and Check-out via App

Simplify the check-in and check-out process for staff with the smartphone, using barcode or NFC tag in the system – for seamless management.

Status Report

Promote self-responsibility: Let helpers upload their own proofs. Thanks to a simple visual inspection, approval becomes a breeze.

Experience and Evaluation System

Promote self-responsibility: Let helpers upload their own proofs. Thanks to a simple visual inspection, approval becomes a breeze.

Catering Planning

Real-time information provides precise live information for efficient catering planning to avoid waste.


Keep track of the hours worked by all helpers and easily calculate individual compensations.


Over 25,000 crew shifts have been successfully planned for the following customers thanks to our solution.

Wasted in Jarmen

In 2024, the festival of the band Feine Sahne Fischfilet in Vorpommern will use the urvent event system for all helpers.

DRK Kiel Anmeldeportal

The German Red Cross Kiel uses the urvent system at Kieler Woche to replace Excel and emails with controlled processes for crew planning.

Wacken Open Air

Since 2012, the Red Cross Kaltenkirchen has enjoyed support in resource planning for the largest heavy metal open air. The long-standing cooperation not only improves organization but also ensures smooth event flow for over 500 people and 2000 shifts each year.

Airbeat-One Festival

Since 2021, the urvent system has supported the EDM festival in close cooperation with helpers and the fire department, optimizing crew needs planning and increasing event safety. Up to 300 people and 900 shifts are managed annually via urvent.

Customer: Werner Rennen

Werner Rennen

Short-term improvements were made to the Werner Race in 2018 and 2019 through shift planning support. The precise coordination of crew contributed significantly to smooth planning and successful execution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, participants can take on different roles at an event, e.g., working as a rescue helper one day and helping at the bar another day. The system also detects potential overlaps with existing shifts, ensuring no double bookings and that a person can only fulfill one task at a time.

No, while the core idea of the system is for people to independently request shifts, it is also possible to add people via administration. This feature can be particularly helpful on-site at the event.

For each role, it can be specified which data is required for a successful application. For example, if a profile picture or proof is missing, the person can see it directly on the overview page and provide the missing information. The administration can also see whether an application is confirmed or complete.

Applicants automatically receive an email for any status change to provide missing information if necessary. The same applies to uploading and approving proofs. Additionally, announcements can be created by the administration to keep the staff updated.

No, the crew scan can either be done via an Android device or iPhone or simply via webcam. It is also possible to completely forego the scan and automatically check in and out participants for shifts. This can be set individually for each role.

The urvent event system is fairly billed based on the size of the event and the number of shifts. It does not matter how many people manage the system.

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